Increase in motorists caught speeding on Britain's roads

The AA's president says more offenders are being caught due to better camera technology

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More motorists were caught speeding last year than at any time in the last four years, according to the latest official statistics.

More than 115,549 motorists were fined for breaking the law by driving too fast in England and Wales in 2013, the highest figure since 2009.

Speeding fines in London were at their lowest level in five years, however, coming in at 7,736. This was still the highest figure of any police force in the country.

The biggest increase was seen in South Wales, where the number of people fined last year tripled to 6,491 from 2,181 three years earlier.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport emphasised that speeding could cause accidents that ruined people’s lives.

"Speeding can have devastating consequences and it's right that drivers should abide by the speed limit,” she said.

“These fines were issued at the discretion of the magistrates and show the number of fines issued is in decline across many police force areas."


AA president Edmund King said the introduction of digital cameras meant offenders could be more consistently caught breaking the speed limit.

"[The rise in speeding fines] is a reflection that cameras are more efficient than ever,” he told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

"In the past, cameras in London would only take valid pictures for a quarter of day and it was pot luck whether you are fined. The cameras are now working 24 hours a day.”

People who break the law by driving too fast receive a minimum punishment of three penalty points on their driving licence and a fine of £100, though punishments can be higher, especially for repeat offences.

This summer the Government announced plans to quadruple the maximum speeding fines on motorways.

Earlier this month police in Surrey and Sussex said they would name and shame motorists who were accused of drink driving over the Christmas period on using social media channels.