Ingram accused over £30,000 policy claims

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Charles Ingram, the figure at the centre of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire fraud trial, made claims totalling more than £30,000 on dishonestly obtained insurance policies, a court was told yesterday.

The former Army major, 39, of Easterton, Wiltshire, denies seven charges of deception at Bournemouth Crown Court.

Christopher Parker, for the prosecution, said Mr Ingram bought two consecutive policies with different companies and in both cases failed to disclose that he had made claims against a previous home contents policy. When Mr Ingram applied for a policy with Zurich Municipal in 1997, he did not admit making four claims in the proceeding three years on a Norwich Union policy.

Mr Ingram made four claims with Zurich Municipal then took out a policy with Direct Line in July 2001 and claimed £30,000 after a burglary.

Mr Parker said that there was no suggestion the claims were not to cover genuine losses. The trial continues.