Innocent men jailed, killer tells police trial

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The convicted murderer who escaped justice for 15 years after killing prostitute Lynette White said yesterday he felt "terrible" that three innocent men were jailed for his crime.

Jeffrey Gafoor, 43, said he stabbed the sex worker to death in 1988 and that the men were "completely innocent". The trial of the largest number of police officers on corruption charges in UK history follows the imprisonment of Stephen Miller, Yusef Abdullahi, who has since died, and Tony Paris.

Their convictions were quashed in 1992 thanks to improved DNA techniques. Former superintendent Thomas Page and ex-chief inspectors Graham Mouncher and Richard Powell join officers Michael Daniels, Paul Jennings, Paul Stephen, Peter Greenwood, and John Seaford in the dock charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice. All the defendants deny the charges. The case continues.