Inquiry into death at Barrymore's home reopened

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Police are reopening an investigation into the death of a man who drowned at the home of the television presenter Michael Barrymore home five years ago.

Detectives said they had decided to begin a fresh inquiry into the death of Stuart Lubbock, 31, after reviewing the original case. Mr Barrymore vowed to provide "every assistance".

Friends of Mr Lubbock, who was found dead in a swimming pool, said there was a need "to get to the truth" and his father appealed for "anyone who knows anything" to help detectives. Terry Lubbock, who campaigned for a new inquiry, said: "All I want to know is the truth about what happened to my son and why he died.

"I beg someone to have the courage and come forward and tell the truth."

Mr Barrymore said he was "delighted and thrilled" by the new inquiry. "I will give my full support and hope the case can come to some conclusion for everyone's sake," he said.

Mr Lubbock, a butcher from Harlow, Essex, was found dead at Mr Barrymore's home in nearby Roydon in March 2001. He was found to have severe internal injuries.

A lengthy investigation by Essex police resulted in no charges, although Mr Barrymore accepted an official caution for drugs offences. A coroner recorded an open verdict in 2002.