Jail for teenager shopped by his father

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A 19-year-old handed into police by his father who found 11 bullets in his home was jailed for three years today.

Judge Christopher Cornwall commended Neil Metcalfe, 45, for making the "proper decision" to inform on his son Paul, of Nelson, Lancs.

Following the call to police, officers seized a blank-firing handgun, converted to fire live rounds, which was found in the bedroom of the teenager.

Metcalfe was "minding" the bullets and gun for criminals who he has refused to name.

His father found the bullets wrapped in a plastic bag on top of an airing cupboard after the teenager had openly told his sister's boyfriend that he had the ammunition.

The defendant told officers he was holding on to the firearm after being put under pressure to do so.

Metcalfe, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Sentencing Metcalfe, Judge Cornwall told him: "The grim reality is that the pistol you were looking after was capable of firing live rounds.

"Your intention was to return this lethal weapon to dangerous men who were intent on using the gun to achieve their criminal aims."

Referring to Metcalfe's father's actions, he said: "How can you live with your conscience if you do nothing and someone is killed or maimed for life as a consequence of not doing anything?

"He (Mr Metcalfe) deserves to be commended for taking that proper decision.

"He is not responsible for your reckless conduct."