Jenkins faces retrial after jury fails to reach verdict

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The panel of six men and six women deliberated for 27 hours and 43 minutes at the end of an 11-week trial, during which the former deputy headteacher denied that he had murdered 13-year-old Billie-Jo at the family home in February 1997.

Mr Jenkins, 47, was jailed for life in 1998 but was released on bail by the Court of Appeal this year. He was accused of bludgeoning Billie-Jo to death with an iron tent peg as she painted patio doors at the house in Hastings, East Sussex, where she lived with her foster parents and four sisters. It is alleged she was struck over the head by the 18in object at least five times after her foster father lost his temper.

Mrs Justice Rafferty discharged the jury yesterday after being told they were unable to reach a verdict. Mr Jenkins, of Belgravia, central London, will remain on bail until the retrial, at a date yet to be decided.