'Jihadi' letter sent to soldier's family sparks police social media warning

A note headed 'Jihad' was sent to the home of a soldier's family in Lincolnshire

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Families of soldiers have been warned to monitor what they share on social media after a letter purporting to be from “avengers serving Allah” was posted to a serviceman's home.

The alleged Jihadi note was sent to the family of a serving soldier in Lincolnshire, reports the Daily Mirror.

It was entitled, “Jihad: The Holy War for Island - A warning to the brides of British soldier warmongers” and said: “We now know where you live and will begin to destroy the unbelievers and their families as they have done to us”.

It was signed off from “avengers serving Allah”.

The family was so frightened that they reportedly left their home.

Police have said they are investigating the sending of the letter, which they believe to be an isolated incident.

“We would like to remind forces’ families of the need to take particular care,” Chief Inspector Jim Tyner of Lincolnshire Police told the Daily Mirror.

“For example, they should review their security settings on social media to ensure they don’t accidentally share personal details.”

The Ministry of Defence has said it is working with the police to investigate the threat.