Journalist murdered in Gaza, rules inquest

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A family's three-year campaign to find the truth about the Israeli army's killing of a British television journalist received fresh impetus yesterday when a jury in England ruled that he had been murdered.

The inquest jury at St Pancras coroner's court in London returned the verdict on James Miller, 34, who was shot in the neck by an Israeli army officer in the Gaza strip in May 2003.

They had heard how the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) attempted to cover up the circumstances, claiming that Mr Mills had been caught in crossfire.

The family made three demands, that the British government consider a prosecution against the IDF personnel responsible. Any "continuing failure" by the Israelis to co-operate should make the UK government reappraise its relationship with that country. The third demand was "that the British government does not in future accept at face value any assurances given by the Israeli government in investigations of the IDF."