Julian Assange bail conditions attacked

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Campaigners supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today released a video bemoaning his bail conditions and showing cameras that have been erected outside his home.

In the short film, released to mark six months since his first arrest, Sarah Harrison from WikiLeaks shows one of three traffic monitoring cameras that been installed outside entrances to the Norfolk property where Assange is living.

Ellingham Hall owner Vaughan Smith says in the video: "I'm not an expert on cameras but I believe these take number plates and record number plates. I think the country's full of them. But I don't know why I need quite so many around my house."

He told the Press Association that one has been erected outside each of the three entrances to his property in the last three months.

Assange has been under house arrest since December last year, and is obliged to report to the police station every day as well as wear an electronic tag.

In the film Mr Smith described the conditions as a "pretty intrusive regime", while Ms Harrison said: "I'm British and I've always been proud of our justice system, but this is just wrong. This is a man that hasn't even been charged and he's being treated like a caged animal."

Assange faces charges of sexual assault in Sweden, and is currently fighting against his extradition there.

Former lawyer Mark Stephens, who did not know about the video release, said: "The restrictions on him are unduly burdensome. I have felt for some time that they were unduly restrictive. Were someone other than Julian Assange who was in the same position, they would not be subject to the same restrictions."

He said that Assange, who is now being represented by veteran human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce, can apply to have his bail conditions reviewed.

Assange is set to appeal against his extradition to Sweden at the High Court on July 12.