Justice Secretary to announce halt to automatic parole


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A bill to prevent child rapists and terrorists from being released automatically at the halfway point of their prison sentence will be introduced in Parliament this week, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will announce today.

The move is one of several measures that will affect up to 500 criminals a year who will be released before the end of their custodial term only if a parole board agrees.

Mr Grayling said: "It's outrageous that offenders who commit horrific crimes are automatically released halfway through their sentence, regardless of their behaviour and engagement in their rehabilitation. We cannot have a situation where dangerous criminals have this automatic right to walk the streets."

Crimes in this category include inciting terrorism overseas, possession of explosives, raping children under the age of 13 and using nuclear weapons. Convicted criminals who are currently automatically released two-thirds of the way through their sentence, such as those who committed grievous bodily harm with intent, will also be included.