Kate Moss flies in for police interview on cocaine claims

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The long-running saga of Kate Moss's alleged drug habit moved on a step yesterday when the model was interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives about snorting cocaine.

The 32-year-old was questioned about photographs published in September that apparently showed Ms Moss using the class-A drug at a recording studio in west London.

The model had been out of the country since the allegations surfaced and is believed to have flown back to Britain in a private jet yesterday and landed at Farnborough airfield in Hampshire. She spent about 80 minutes with detectives yesterday at a police station in Westminster. She left the building at about 3.30pm.

She was taken back to her Cotswolds mansion last night, passing journalists and photographers surrounding her house in Little Faringdon, Oxfordshire, without comment.

Police have already interviewed the musician Mick Jones, a former member of the Clash, about the alleged cocaine use. Neither he nor Ms Moss was arrested. Once the investigation has been completed the Crown Prosecution Service will examine the evidence and decide whether to bring charges.

A spokesperson for Ms Moss's model agency, Storm, said: "Kate Moss voluntarily reported to the police to assist their investigation as she has always said she would when she returned to this country. She was not arrested and spent 80 minutes with the police."

The investigation follows the publication in September of a series of photographs in the Daily Mirror, taken at a recording studio in Chiswick.

The newspaper claimed she snorted "line after line" of the drug in the company of the singer Pete Doherty, her boyfriend at the time. Two other people, Mr Jones and another man, have been interviewed in connection with the investigation.

A drugs charity said yesterday that police had to respond to such a high-profile case. Niamh Eastwood, legal adviser to Release, said: "We understand why the police have had to take this action and if a crime is committed it has to be investigated. We are pleased to see that Ms Moss has decided to return to the country. There was a balance to be struck between everybody needing to be treated equally if they had broken the law and the usual policy of targeting suppliers rather than dealers."

The model was engulfed in a furore when the video footage of her allegedly using the drug first emerged last year. She later released a statement admitting "full responsibility" for her actions. She went into rehab in Arizona, and is thought to be making plans to settle in Los Angeles with her three-year-old daughter.