Kate Moss ready to return and meet police

The rehabilitated supermodel is negotiating her return to answer to allegations of cocaine use last year
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Storm, which represents Moss, confirmed that her lawyers are arranging for her to be interviewed by detectives from Scotland Yard.

The 31-year-old was ditched from several high-profile modelling contracts after a national newspaper published pictures apparently showed her using the class-A drug in a west London recording studio last year. She had been with Pete Doherty, now her ex-boyfriend and the troubled frontman of rock band Babyshambles. Doherty pleaded guilty yesterday to four drugs charges after a separate incident.

Her return follows repeated pleas from senior officers at the Metropolitan Police for her to tell them her side of events. Earlier this month, Tarique Ghaffur, the Assistant Commissioner, said he did not want to order a formal extradition but insisted the saga had gone on too long.

He said at the time: "For everybody's sake, and for her to move on, the sooner she speaks to us the better. We wish for the investigation to take its course, and she would be dealt with very fairly and proportionately as would be the case with anybody else."

It is expected that Moss will receive a police caution, or warning, if she admits to having snorted cocaine with her boyfriend and his band members. Officers have already raided the studios where the alleged drug-taking incident took place and they are keen to obtain information from Moss about drugs within the music and fashion industry.

Earlier this week, Mick Jones, the former Clash guitarist who has produced all Doherty's albums, was interviewed by police investigating the allegations which centre on a recording session for Babyshambles.

It is understood that Moss will not be arrested, but rather interviewed under caution by appointment. A file would then be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether to prosecute any of the people involved.

The model lost lucrative contracts with H&M, Chanel and Burberry. At the time, Moss, who has a three-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, admitted "full responsibility" for her actions and within days, she checked into rehab in Arizona. She has not returned to the UK since. The Croydon-born model, who found fame as a teenager, began dating Doherty, the former Libertines frontman who had a well-documented history of heroin and crack cocaine use, last year. Their relationship foundered after pictures of her allegedly snorting cocaine were sold to the Mirror newspaper in September. He told the BBC's Newsnight he would "love her forever" but that he could not be in her life while he was still connected to crack or heroin taking.

Storm revealed that discussions had been taking place between Moss's lawyers and the police over the past fortnight to agree arrangements for the interview to take place.

A spokesman for the model said: "Kate has made it absolutely clear ... she will co-operate with any police investigation when the necessary arrangements can be made." The spokesman declined to say where or when the meeting would take place but said details were being worked out.A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: "We are in touch with representatives of the individual", but have not confirmed arrangements.