Man accused of murder 'made hit list'


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A man on trial for murder made a hit list of men he planned to kill in his bid to rid the world of paedophiles, a court heard yesterday.

Christopher Hunnisett, 28, delivered five severe blows to Peter Bick's head with a hammer before walking into Hastings police station, in East Sussex, and telling officers he had killed someone.

Hunnisett, from Hastings, denies murdering Mr Bick, 57, at his flat in Bexhill on 11 January last year.

Philip Katz QC told the court there was no evidence that Mr Bick, who was gay and enjoyed consensual sex with young men, was a paedophile, or that any of the men Hunnisett had contacted through the Internet and added to his hit list had ever had relationships with children.

He added that during Hunnisett's plea hearing last year, the jury was told he had said: "It is not wrong to try and stand up to evil in this world. Not guilty."

Lewes Crown Court was told this was the third time the defendant had been tried for murder.

In 2002, Hunnisett was convicted of killing the Rev Ronald Glazebrook at his home in St Leonards-on-Sea, Mr Katz said.