Man denies part in Oxford child sex ring, claiming mistaken identity


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A man accused of being part of a child sex ring has denied targeting young white girls as “easy prey”.

Kamar Jamil insisted he was the victim of a case of mistaken identity and had never met either of the girls who claim he abused them.

Asked by his counsel as the defence opened its case today if he had been involved in any sexual activity with the girls, or knew of sex parties, he told the Old Bailey: “No”. And he repeated his assertion as the prosecution QC Noel Lucas pointed out evidence from four separate witnesses that he both associated with the alleged gang,all from Oxford, and was among those who committed sexual offences.

Under cross-examination, the 27-year-old father of three told the court that he could not think of anything he has done to any of the claimants which would lead them to make up their allegations against him.

Mr Lucas told Jamil, who has a gold tooth and goes by the name “K-Dog”, that he had been identified by one claimant in her evidence as one of the men who had raped her and as an associate of his fellow defendants.

Mr Lucas asked him: “Is there anyone else who would mix with (the defendants), who looked like you and had a gold tooth?” Mr Jamil replied: “Obviously, there is me but I don't know who their friends are.”

And he insisted it was “not true” that he was the man the claimant identified.

After the extent of the allegations were put to him by Mr Lucas, he described them as “evil”. And, asked if he had moved on to grooming young white girls after two relationships with Asian girls, in which there was no sexual activity, he replied: “No.”