Man fined for toilet air rage incident

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A security officer has been found guilty of disorderly behaviour as he tried to use the toilet on board a flight to Belfast.

Prosecutors accused Jason McCourt (38) of becoming frustrated and acting aggressively towards a stewardess on the return trip from Liverpool last November.

It was claimed that a shout of “you're all a bunch of jumped-up trolley dollies” went up as football fans on the flight started supporting the defendant in his efforts to use the loo. McCourt, of Woodvale Parade, Belfast, denied a charge of behaving in a disorderly manner on board an aircraft.

The city's Magistrates Court heard how the incident developed as the evening Ryanair flight was being hit by turbulence.

In evidence, McCourt denied shouting at any cabin crew, but became confused at the conflicting information he received over use of the toilet. He also stressed that he was with his young daughter on the flight and had not been drinking.

And McCourt insisted he had not become angry as he sought permission to go to the toilet.

“I'm about 98 per cent sure I didn't swear at anybody,” he added.

After hearing the contest, District Judge Ken Nixon said he was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that McCourt had acted disorderly.

He imposed a £500 fine on the father-of-three.

* Source: The Belfast Telegraph.