Man jailed after telling his girlfriend he had been mugged - to avoid telling her he spent £150 on a night out


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Overspending on booze during a night out has - through a bizarre series of events - landed a 24-year-old man with six months in prison.

Christopher Kimberley, from Stoke-on-Trent, didn't want to tell his girlfriend he had spent £150 on the drinks, and instead told her he had been mugged.

He even said his boss, Jamie Cox, had mugged him. He said Mr Cox - who he had been out with - had taken his bank card, demanded his pin and then stole money from his bank account.

Things soon got out of hand when his girlfriend rang police to report the fictitious crime, and officers were dispatched to question Mr Kimberley.

Mr Cox was arrested and held in a police cell for 12 hours, but said that the story might have just been a way to avoid the truth spilling out.

On Monday Kimberley plead guilty to an act intending to pervert the course of justice, and was jailed for six months

Sentencing Judge Paul Glenn said: "You wasted a significant amount of police time and the time of an ambulance team who came out to see you when you complained of your injuries."