Man jailed for 10 weeks after leaving a stabbed dog in a bin to bleed to death

"I can only imagine the pain and suffering she must have gone through," RSPCA Inspector Imara O'Niocail said

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A man has been jailed after he put a wounded dog in a bin and left it to bleed to death.

Victor Hammond, a 67-year-old of Adelaide Court, Kenworthy Road in Hackney, has been jailed for 10 weeks for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He pleaded guilty at Thames Magistrates' Court to charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

The female, bull terrier had been stabbed 11 times by an unknown attacker when Mr Hammond found her and put her in a dumpster, still alive.

The dog then bled to death over a period of 15 hours. RSPCA officials were called to the scene when a passer-by found the pet, still alive but having lost a lot of blood. It died a short while later.

The owner of the dog and the person who stabbed her have not yet been found.

The magistrate overseeing the case said: “This was a blatant act of neglect of a dog. The animal suffered in the worst possible way.”

Inspector Imara O’Niocail of the RSPCA said that despite the number of times the dog was stabbed, the wounds avoided all her vital organs and that if the she was taken to a vet she may have survived.

“Instead she was dumped like rubbish, wounded but alive, and was just left to bleed to death for at least 15 hours,” Ms O’Niocail said.

“I do wonder that if she had been left on the street, someone may have spotted her sooner and given her the help she needed.”

As well as serving 10 weeks in prison, Mr Hammond has also been banned from keeping an animal for life and was made to pay costs of £250.