Man jailed for unprovoked pool cue attack

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A thug who battered a "Good Samaritan" with a pool cue then stamped on his victim's head, was jailed for eight years today.

Ryan Brogan, 31, attacked Lee Wright, 38, as he tried to act as a peacemaker when a fight broke out in a pub in Blackburn, Lancs.

Brogan grabbed a pool cue, twice smashing it over the head of Mr Wright, before picking up a bar stool and crashing that down on his victim's head.

When Mr Wright slumped to the floor unconscious Brogan carried on the attack, twice stamping on his head.

Mr Wright suffered a broken nose and a detached retina and doctors say his sight will never fully recover.

Brogan, of Full View, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm at an earlier hearing and was jailed at Preston Crown Court today for the attack at around 1am at the Brown Cow pub on Livesey Branch Road in Blackburn on April 26 this year.

Det Con Mark Cruise, of Lancashire Police, said: "I am satisfied with the sentence which reflects the gravity of the offence.

"This was a completely unprovoked attacked on an innocent man and Mr Wright did not deserve anything which happened to him.

"Brogan may view this incident as one moment of madness. Lee Wright, however, will remember Mr Brogan's moment of madness each time he looks in the mirror.

"This conviction and sentence shows that we will do all we can to put those who commit serious violence before the court."