Man jailed for urging Blair and Brown assassinations

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A man who urged Muslims to help assassinate Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was jailed for five years today.

Ishaq Kanmi, 24, wrote on a Jihadi website that the two former prime ministers would be targeted by "martyrdom seekers" if his demands were not met.

He posed online as Umar Rabie - the leader of "al Qaida in Britain"- as he composed messages on a public computer at the Central Library in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Manchester Crown Court heard yesterday that the supposed UK offshoot of the terror group was fictitious and there was no evidence that the defendant had any links with al Qaida.

Kanmi issued a two-month deadline in January 2008 which called for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, together with the release of all Muslim captives from Belmarsh prison.

He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to professing to belong to al Qaida and inviting support for the terror group.