Man who enslaved lover is jailed

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A self-styled "sex cult master" who walked girlfriends around on a dog lead was jailed for three years yesterday for forcing his lover to sleep with other men.

The domineering habits of Lee Thompson, 34, were unearthed in May 2006 in Darlington, County Durham, to the surprise of neighbours. A pagan, he was investigated by police after complaints that he led a female slave around the market town centre on a lead. At Teesside Crown Court he admitted two counts of procuring a woman to have sexual intercourse.

Mr Thompson enslaved his ex-lover, forcing her to have sex with men against her will. On another occasion, her boyfriend could not afford to pay to use a computer in a London cyber cafe, so agreed to a member of staff having oral sex with her instead.

Thompson, now of Smethwick, West Midlands, admitted a specimen charge and one specific count relating to a particular man, and three counts of rape were left to lie on file.