Marine accused of 'executing' injured Afghan insurgent ‘never spoke’ of killing the prisoner


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One of three Royal Marines accused of “executing” an injured Afghan insurgent never even told his best friend about the alleged killing, a court has heard.

The men, known only as Marines A, B and C, are charged with murdering an unknown captured Afghan national on or about 15 September 2011.

Marine A is accused of shooting the man in the chest at close range with a 9mm pistol, while Marines B and C are said to have been “party to the killing” and “encouraged and assisted” their co-accused.

The court martial has been told that the killing was filmed by a camera mounted on the helmet of Marine B. Lt Lloyd Fallesen told the hearing that his best friend, Marine C, with whom he had been friends since school, had not discussed the incident that took place in Helmand province.

The court martial in Bulford, Wiltshire, heard that Lt Fallesen was the commander of a patrol base that had come under attack from two insurgents on the afternoon the insurgent was allegedly murdered.

Lt Fallesen told the court martial that he had never discussed the case with Marine C, whom he had known for 10 years, and during 2011 saw him twice.

David Perry, QC, for the prosecution, asked Lt Fallesen: “Did Marine C ever say to you ‘I was amazed that Marine A just took out his gun and shot him, discharging this weapon’?”

Marines A, B and C deny murder.

The case continues.