Mark Blanco death: Mother of man who died at Pete Doherty party 'given hope of justice' after investigation reveals he was probably dropped from a balcony


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The mother of the man who died at a party attended by musician Pete Doherty has said she has been given of hope finally getting justice for her son after an investigation revealed he was probably “dropped” from the balcony.

Sheila Blanco has always argued that her son Mark did not simply fall and experts said this week CCTV evidence spears to support her theory. Ms Blanco said she was now speaking to her lawyers and wanted the police to “do their jobs” and find out what happened to her son.

“I am determined to secure the truth and to get justice, not just for Mark but for anyone in like situations [with the police],” she said. Ms Blanco added: “All I am asking them to do is their jobs, and to do them to the high standards we expect of the police.

“I have been working on this for six years and it shouldn’t be up to the tenacity of a mother to get justice in the country.”

Mark Blanco died in 2006 and a coroner has categorically ruled out suicide. But the facts surrounding his death – and who was responsible for it – have never been properly established, despite three police investigations.

Mr Doherty, who was at the party with friends, denies any involvement in Mr Blanco’s death. Witnesses said Mr Blanco, who was trying to convince Mr Doherty to go see a play he was starring in, was kicked out of the party because his conduct was “socially unacceptable”.

One of Mr Doherty’s minders, Johnny Jeannevol initially owned up to killing Mr Blanco but later retracted his confession.