Mayor caught speeding by local schoolchildren

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The Mayor of Doncaster has been caught speeding by children in a police road-safety exercise.

But yesterday, Peter Davies, who was clocked driving close to Intake primary school at 33mph in a 30mph zone, insisted that rather than policing the streets the children should have been at their desks. "While I fully support the police in managing speeds on our roads, I do not support children being out of school for this sort of activity," he said. "Road safety can be delivered in the classroom alongside English and maths and schools should be concentrating on these basics."

Though he was spoken to by officers, police said no action had been taken against the Mayor, a member of the English Democrats. But it is understood that pupils sent him a letter about their concerns over the dangers of speeding drivers.

Among Mr Davies's first acts since he was narrowly elected in 2009, was cutting his own salary from £73,000 to £30,000 as well as dispensing with a chauffeur. He drives himself and does not claim for mileage. He said: "I realise this is unique as the vast majority of mayors and council leaders are travelling around in cars paid for by the hard-pressed taxpayer."