Millionaire Roberto Troyan ‘murdered by corrupt advisor’


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A wealthy man was found lying in a pool of blood after being bludgeoned to death by his financial adviser, who conned him out of hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund a life of luxury, a court has heard.

David Jeffs, 36, is accused of stealing £343,000 intended for investments from under the nose of client Roberto Troyan to live the high life, Croydon Crown Court was told.

When Mr Troyan’s funds started to dry up, and Mr Jeffs feared his fraud was about to be discovered, he murdered the  63-year-old during a visit to his Mayfair mansion block in central London on 8 March, the prosecution claim.

Mr Troyan, who was left a vast sum of money when his civil partner died, had been beaten over the head in his kitchen so forcefully that his skull was fractured, the jury was told. Mr Jeffs allegedly tried to cover his tracks by making bogus phone calls, including two to Mr Troyan, disposing of his blood-stained clothes and replacing them with replicas in an attempt to dupe police.

Prosecutor, Edward Brown QC, said: “This defendant took advantage of a frail and vulnerable man for his own gains over a long period. As a result, the defendant was able to live the high life, so to speak, but all at the expense of the deceased, who when the defendant first met him was a rich man.”

Mr Jeffs, from Arnold, Nottingham, denies murder and fraud. The trial continues.