Missing baby found safe

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A couple have been arrested in Wales after a missing eight-month-old baby boy was found safe and well at a cathedral in Ireland on Friday, with a note giving his name and date of birth.

The little boy was found safe and well at a cathedral in Ireland on Friday afternoon after being taken from his legal guardian's home in Nottinghamshire the day before.

Irish police had been searching for a couple seen leaving the church in Carlow.

They confirmed police in Wales last night detained a 22-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man, believed to have taken a ferry from Ireland to Britain.

It was believed the child's mother - who is no longer the legal guardian - and her partner may have be in Ireland.

A person visiting Carlow's Cathedral of the Assumption reportedly heard a man and woman crying as they left the porch area.

The baby boy is in the care of Ireland's Health Service Executive while the Garda and their counterparts in Nottinghamshire work to reunite him with his legal guardian in the Ashfield area of the county.

A police spokesman said: "Nottinghamshire Police are investigating the circumstances which led to an eight-month-old boy being taken from his home in the county to the Irish Republic.

"Police have worked extensively to locate the child and had already established that he may have been taken to Ireland when the Irish police confirmed at about 3.30pm on Friday that he had been found safe and well near a cathedral in the town of Carlow.

"The child had been left with a note giving his name and date of birth."

Police said the boy would be reunited with his legal guardian this week.

Officers added that they were "concerned" for a man and a woman believed to have been involved in the incident.