Missing mother Rebecca Minnock hands herself in to police and admits 'my time has run out' after running away with son

The pair were missing for 17 days

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The mother who defied a court order and disappeared for a fortnight with her three-year-old son has handed herself in.

Rebecca Minnock gave herself up after giving a newspaper interview, as her mother, Louise Minnock, was jailed for contempt of court. Shortly before giving herself up she remained defiant, saying: “I don’t have any regrets.” She insisted her son, Ethan Williams, had been “safe and happy” while they were on the run.

She said she hoped her case for custody would now be reconsidered by the authorities.

“I am hoping and praying they (the authorities) have seen the support I have and they know I'm a good mum and will possibly look again into this case and look at all the facts,” she told the Daily Mail in a filmed interview before handing herself in.

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"I've heard today my mum's been taken to court. I know it's not fair to Ethan to keep running with him. He needs to go home. He needs his routine back."

She claimed it was a spur of the moment decision to run away and that she felt "trapped". She added: "I just felt that all I could do at that time was to run away to keep him safe."

“What’s made my mind up is that Ethan has been asking to see my family, he’s been asking to go to his bed back home. I’ve seen the amount of support from neighbours, family and friends, and I hope somebody will be able to help us to get this case looked into again.”

Earlier yesterday Ms Minnock’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend were jailed after withholding information about the disappearance of the pair. Louise Minnock, 52, was jailed for 10 days and Andrew Butt, 56, for 28 days.

Judge Stephen Wildblood QC, at Bristol Crown Court, found Louise Minnock guilty of contempt of court and said she had persistently breached and shown “no regard” for an order that the child be removed from his mother and handed over to his father, Roger Williams.

“That is a flagrant disobedience to the court, a contemptuous denial of the rights of the child and of the father,” he told her.

He found that she had lied to police and withheld information about the whereabouts of her daughter and grandson.

Butt was jailed for 28 days, also for contempt, having earlier said he would “rather do 10 years in prison than tell you where they are”.

Judge Wildblood said he was in no doubt that Butt knew where Minnock and her son went on the day they disappeared.

Rebecca Minnock and Ethan disappeared from Highbridge, Somerset, on 27 May.

DCI Marie Wright, who led the hunt, said last night: “This is the news we had been hoping for and I am grateful to Becky for coming forward.

“Both Becky and Ethan will now receive the support they need and the appropriate welfare arrangements will be made.

“I would like to thank the public and the media for their assistance throughout this investigation.”

Police said Ms Minnock was in the Oxford area when she handed herself in.