Mother to be sentenced over baby boy neglect

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A mother will be sentenced today for neglecting her 13-month-old son whose charred body was found strapped in his buggy in front of a fireplace.

Tracey Sutherland, 39, pleaded guilty to neglect of her son, Alexander, between October 29 and November 10 last year.

Alexander was discovered by police at the family home in Baguley, Manchester, on November 10.

He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead later the same day.

At a preliminary court hearing it emerged there was evidence of charring to the body and apparent bruising to the torso and forehead.

The child also had extensive nappy rash with faeces and urine on the body.

Last month, Manchester Crown Court heard that a pathologist could find no direct link between the death and the mother's neglect.

Sentencing at Manchester Crown Court takes place from 10.30am.