Motorist shot dead in 'gangland hit'

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A motorist was shot dead in a suspected gangland hit today.

The victim, aged in his fifties, was shot several times in his car in Cricklewood, north London.

Eyewitnesses said the man was apparently shot through the driver's side window of his black Volkswagen car.

The vehicle was left slewed across the three-lane northbound carriageway of the the A41 Hendon Way.

One woman said the man died in the street and his body remained under a white plastic sheet as police closed the road in both directions.

She said: "What amazes me is that I did not hear anything. There are police and ambulances all over the road as far as I can see."

Speaking about the dead man, she added: "I can just see two little legs sticking out, it's like a child or a dummy from a shop window."

The car remained in the road today with its front bumper against the grass verge and passenger door wide open.

Police, forensic experts and ambulances were at the scene where a forensic tent has been erected and a cordon has closed off nearby Garth Road.

Armed police, paramedics and an air ambulance went to the scene after reports of a shooting at about 8.30am.

Police closed the busy six-lane arterial road in both directions, causing traffic chaos, as it is the main route to the M1.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police's homicide and serious crime command are responsible for the inquiry.

The victim may be eastern European.