MP claimed expenses <u>after</u> admitting fraud

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The jailed former MP Eric Illsley continued to claim several thousand pounds from the public purse after admitting fiddling his expenses. He pleaded guilty on 11 January to fraud totalling £14,000, but did not resign from the Commons until 8 February, two days before he was imprisoned for a year. He was paid £6,766 for claims submitted in January and February, including £2,253 for photocopier hire, £2,302 to rent an office in his Barnsley Central constituency, and £19.95 for food and travel.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, the expenses watchdog, said he was entitled to make the claims until the moment he stopped being an MP – and it had no power to claw back the cash.

Ipsa yesterday released details of £3.2m of expenses payments to MPs over the first two months of 2011.

David Cameron was reimbursed £404.89, Nick Clegg £6,679.55 and Ed Miliband £1,303.68. Eighty-four MPs were refused a total of £4,633 of claims.