'Naked rambler' Stephen Gough arrested once again


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The naked rambler, Stephen Gough, has been arrested again just three days after being released from Perth Prison.

Gough, 53, a former marine, spent six years in prison after being repeatedly arrested upon leaving prison for refusing to wear clothes each time he was allowed to walk free.

On Tuesday Gough was given the opportunity to walk out of prison without being rearrested despite his insistence on remaining naked.

He said as he left on Tuesday that he would not begin wearing clothes just to stay out of trouble with the law.

As such, Fife Constabulary responded to complaints from members of the public which led to his arrest for breaching the peace at 2pm today.

He is expected to appear at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Monday.

He said earlier this week: “To conform with everyone else is the easiest way but when you conform you compromise your principles.

“I am not going to give up. Stay naked is the word.”

The nudist spent six years in solitary confinement after refusing to wear clothes throughout his stay in prison.

Gough made the nationwide naked voyage twice after he considered his first attempt a failure because he put clothes on when approached by the police.

He was arrested at the final stretch during his second attempt for breach of the peace.

Gough was dubbed ‘The Naked Rambler’ after his successful attempt at walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats without clothing in 2003.

He said on Tuesday that he hoped to walk to England to see his family.

“My children are teenagers so I expect they are embarrassed by me. If I was them and my dad was walking around naked, I suppose I would be embarrassed,” he added.