New inquiry into death of man found by Huntley reviewed

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Police are to re-examine the death of a man whose body was found by Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer.

Hugh Wallace, 60, was found dead in October 1999 at the bottom of the outside stairway to the flats in Scotter, Lincolnshire, where Huntley - who is serving a life sentence for murdering Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - lived with his former partner Maxine Carr.

An investigation by Lincolnshire Police concluded at the time that Mr Wallace did not die in suspicious circumstances. But a file into his death has now been referred to West Yorkshire Police for further consideration.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said Mr Wallace had a history of heart disease and a post-mortem examination had concluded he died of natural causes. No inquest was held.

But concerns have been raised at the possibility that Huntley played a role in the death. Officers did not know at the time that Huntley, then using the name Nixon, had pushed a number of girlfriends down stairs during arguments. One woman, Amanda Marshall, suffered a miscarriage.

Huntley and Carr lived in the flat next door to Mr Wallace. Shortly before 9pm, Huntley went to a nearby shop, saying that he had found his neighbour at the bottom of the stairs. He then called at the home of Jane Allen, who lived opposite the flats. Huntley told her that he had been to fetch Carr from Grimsby and when he returned he found Mr Wallace. Mrs Allen said: "I don't know how he landed down there or at what time. But he was cold to the touch."

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Davies said in a written statement: "We have asked for a third opinion. In view of the circumstances which have now emerged about Huntley and Carr, this is the right and proper course of action."