No charge after robber dies

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A shopkeeper said last night he was "relieved" to learn he would not be charged with murder after a man died while trying to rob him.

Tony Singh, 34, extended his sympathy to the family of career criminal Liam Kilroe, but said he had had "no option but to defend myself" against the knife attack.

Mr Singh was arrested after Kilroe died as he grappled with the shopkeeper . Kilroe, 25, from St Helens, Merseyside, died from a single stab wound to the chest after the attack in Skelmersdale on 17 February.

Mr Singh said: ""In the course of the attack, I was stabbed to my head causing what could have been a life-threatening injury and also suffered repeated stab wounds to my back. In the struggle with my attacker I understand he suffered an injury but I do not know how the injury was caused. I extend my sympathy to the Kilroe family who after all have lost a son."

John Dilworth, assistant district Crown prosecutor for south-west Lancashire, said: "The law protects the law-abiding and the Director of Public Prosecutions is determined to ensure that those who use reasonable force in defending themselves will enjoy the full protection of the law. They will not be prosecuted."