Number of terror arrests has risen by 60pc


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The number of suspected terrorists arrested by police has risen by more than 60 per cent, official figures show.

A total of 228 people were held on suspicion of terrorism-related offences over a 12-month period ending in June, compared with 140 during the previous period, the Home Office said.

Some 2,231 suspects have been arrested since September 11 2001.

Just under a quarter (23 per cent) of terrorism-related arrests in the last 12-month period were made under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000 which allows detention for up to 14 days.

Three of the 52 people held in this way were kept in pre-charge detention for more than seven days, while 17 were dealt with within two days.

A total of 16 suspects - all of whom were subsequently charged - remained in custody for six days or more.

The numbers are down on the 46 per cent of suspects who were held under section 41 during the previous period and on the 72 per cent held since September 11 2001.

The figures, provided by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), detail the number of people arrested by police in Great Britain where there is suspicion of involvement with terrorism.

Of the 228 people arrested, 82 (36 per cent) were charged.

This is down on the 37 per cent of the previous period but is in line with the average charging rate seen since September 11 2001.

Meanwhile, 60 per cent of those who faced court proceedings in the last 12 month period - a total of 49 people - were accused of terrorism-related offences. This compares with 50 per cent in the previous period and 62 per cent since 2001.

The Home Office said large fluctuations in arrests each year can result from particular police operations.

Between October and December last year, a large number of arrests were directly related to the policing of a demonstration, it said.