Plebgate police officer Gillian Weatherley sacked over leaks to the press

PC Weatherley sent a photograph of an email to another officer, which was subsequently leaked to The Sun

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A police constable has been sacked over leaks to the press linked to the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ row, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

Gillian Weatherley was on duty in Downing Street on the day of the confrontation between the then Chief Whip and PC Toby Rowland in September 2012.

The following day Ms Weatherley sent a photograph of an email that PC Rowland had sent to his bosses about the row to another officer, James Glanville. He was later sacked for leaking information to The Sun newspaper.

Ms Weatherley’s dismissal comes after a three-day misconduct hearing where she was found to have breached standards of professional behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity, orders and instructions, confidentiality, discreditable conduct and challenging and reporting improper conduct.

Scotland Yard said she had given " inaccurate and misleading" statements to officers investigating the aftermath of the row, and had been suspended from duty since her arrest in February last year.

Mr Mitchell said: "Disciplinary hearings in the Metropolitan Police are held in private and therefore I am limited in what I can say - at this stage.

"What I can say today is that I felt the hearing was well-conducted.

"I hope the transcript of the inquiry and its supporting evidence will be published in full in the interests of openness and accountability.

"This case has serious consequences for the Government, the police and every citizen in this country."

Ms Weatherley is the third PC at the Met Office to be dismissed over the scandal.

In February, PCs Keith Wallis and James Glanville were dismissed for gross misconduct.

Wallis, 53, was jailed in January for falsely claiming in an email sent to a senior Tory that he had witnessed a row involving Mr Mitchell outside Downing Street in which he claimed the MP had used the word "pleb".

Glanville was found to have passed information to The Sun and then lied about his actions in statements to detectives.