Police drill floor of Margate house

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Forensic examinations are set to begin inside a house where the remains of two teenage girls were found last week buried in the garden.

Police officers spent yesterday drilling through the concrete floor of 50 Irvine Drive in Margate, Kent, where the remains of Vicky Hamilton, 15, and what are believed to be the remains of Dinah McNicol, 18, were found. Both girls went missing in 1991.

Police said the work was carried out in preparation for forensic archaeologists to begin detailed examinations inside the house today. They will be looking for any further human remains and evidence linked to the disappearance of the girls.

Peter Tobin, 61, who used to live at the address, has been charged with Vicky's murder. Police said the current tenants of the council house had decided not to return and had been rehoused.