Police fail to find woman's corpse under boyfriend's bed - despite searching home twice

Lorraine Cameron collapsed and died at Christopher Kemp's flat

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Police failed to find the body of a woman under her boyfriend’s bed, despite searching the house on two occasions.

The body of Lorraine Cameron, who died in May 2014, had been concealed with bags and a duvet by Christopher Kemp, 35.

The 40-year-old mum collapsed and died in Kemp’s flat in Glasgow while he slept.

Kemp attempted CPR before moving her body to the bedroom rather than calling for an ambulance, according to the Scottish Sun.

A missing person inquiry launched after Cameron’s son, Taylor Ross, was unable to contact his mother.

Kemp was arrested upon the first search. The Scottish Sun reported that he swore at police as they searched his bedroom.

According to the newspaper, it is believed that Kemp was a drug addict. After her death, he used Cameron’s keys to burgle her home in Shettleston and pawn her valuables.

Police failed to locate Cameron’s body until 10 days after she died.

A statement issued by Police Scotland said: "Once Ms Cameron was reported missing, officers undertook enquiries in an effort to locate her."

"This involved visiting one property on a number of occasions. On the first occasion, an initial search was being carried out when a disturbance ensued, resulting in the householder being arrested. A search was conducted on the second occasion but proved negative."

"On the third visit to the flat the householder disclosed to officers that Ms Cameron was in the flat – her body had been secreted within the divan of the double bed. What began as a missing person's enquiry ended in a very tragic set of circumstances."

Sheriff Ian Miller sentenced Kemp last week to three years and five months for three charges.

Kemp pleaded guilty to a charge of theft by house breaking and guilty to a charge of attempting to defeat the aims of justice. He pleaded not guilty to a charge under subsection 2(a) of section 90 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 which says it is an offence for a person to resist, obstruct or hinder a member of police staff. 

“This is a truly shocking incident,” Conservative MSP John Lamont told the Scottish Sun. “The fact a body lay undiscovered despite officers searching the property is unbelievable.”

Graeme Pearson, a Labour MSP, said there had been “complacency”.

“It is very unfortunate that the police did not search the house properly on the first visit,” he said.