Police investigate video showing driver 'ordering beggars to perform sex acts in return for McDonald's burgers'

The disturbing footage shows a man humiliate a vulnerable couple desperate for food

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Police are investigating footage posted online appearing to show a man making vulnerable people perform sex acts in a McDonald's car park in return for money to buy food.

The disturbing footage, reportedly shot in north London, was uploaded to YouTube on 13 June but has since been circulated on social media.

The eight-minute long video appears to be shot on a mobile phone and shows a couple approach a man at a fast food drive through.

In the footage, the couple can be heard asking the driver for money to buy food. The man responds by telling him he will give them the money but only if they perform a number of humiliating feats for him, including dancing, doing press-ups and performing sexual acts.

After the couple protests, the driver insists and watches them complete the degrading challenges before handing over the money.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police told The Independent that police in Barnet are now investigating the footage. Ongoing inquiries are seeking to establish whether an offence has been committed.