Police officer discovers his parents murdered

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A possible revenge motive is being considered in a murder investigation after a police officer found his parents dead at their home in Birmingham.

Avtar Singh Kolar and his wife, Carole, 58, were discovered at a house in the Handsworth Wood area of the city yesterday morning.

They were last heard from on Tuesday night, when a family member spoke to Ms Kolar. Police said there had been "no issues" at the time.

But at 8am yesterday their son, a serving officer with West Midlands Police, went to the house after his parents failed to answer the phone, and found their bodies. Police are appealing to the local community for information about the killing and are not ruling out suggestions that it might be a revenge attack related to the son's profession.

"We are in the really early stages of the investigation and we are keeping an open mind about a possible motive," Detective Superintendent Richard Baker, of West Midlands Police, said.

When asked if it might be a revenge attack he said: "We are looking at that as a possibility but we have no information to suggest it is the case at this stage."

The couple had four children.