Police officers reveal the worst bribes they've been offered

Turns out some people really do try and get away with crimes by trying to bribe the police 

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It turns out some people will go further than others to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Though illegal, some will fall back on bribes if they find themselves caught out by the police.

In a Quora forum discussion from five current and ex-police officers reveal some of the worst bribes offered.

One retired cop and criminal justice professor named Tim recalled pulling over a man in a DUI arrest. The man then went on to ask ‘if there was a way they could sort this out’, and pulled out a money clip which according to Tim had around ‘under $100 dollars’ in it. After being offered the money, the cop tried to get the man to incriminate himself further, as he had his tape recorder running, however the man gave up his attempt and put the money away.

A patrol officer who was working in New York once came across a couple in a compromising permission, with the woman performing a sex act on the man on the sidewalk. After trying to deny what was really going on, saying: "I was just trying to put it back in. Don't arrest me. I've done nothing wrong!", the woman tried to offer the two  reporting officers oral sex in return for not pressing charges for performing a sex act.

One former cop recalled an ex-colleague’s story of two drunk girls who had been driving the wrong way up a freeway for miles.  After pulling the girls over, the cop told them they’d have to take a breathalyser test, apparently saying: "OK, ladies. First you have to blow." Apparently the two girls misunderstood, interpreting this as a different way to get away with allegedly driving while drunk.

Police Patrol veteran Christopher described an incident which saw a man, who had already been arrested and was in the back of a police car, offer the arresting officer $1000 to let him go. However, the officer already knew that the guy had no such money on him, as he’d been searched before being put in the car.

Former Police Sergeant Patterson had the pleasure of stopping a man driving 25mph over the local speed limit. On asking for the man’s driving license, the man passed over a $100 note as well as his license. The sergeant asked: "Is this yours?", to which the man said “No, it must be yours.” Patterson quickly reminded the man that bribery was a crime, and he soon retracted the bill.