Police release new photo of failed bomber

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The unidentified bomber escaped on a 220 bus to Wandsworth, south London, close to the Arndale shopping centre.

Scotland Yard gave details of the man's escape route after his bomb failed to go off. He ran from Shepherd's Bush station and is thought to have thrown away a short sleeved dark blue England football shirt at Macfarlane Road at 12.30pm. He was then filmed on a bus in Wood Lane at about 1.20pm, which he stayed aboard until the final stop at Mapleton Road, Wandsworth, at 2.07pm.

He is one of two as yet unnamed bombers who carried out the attempted suicide attacks. Two other men have been named, and police are investigating the possibility that a fifth man dumped a bomb in north-west London.

Peter Clarke, head of the Met's Anti-Terrorist Branch, said: "We are still trying to confirm the identities of the two other bombers. We still need to identify them and track them down."

Mr Clarke said police were still looking for the other three men wanted in connection with last Thursday's attempted bombings.

"We need to find Muktar Said Ibrahim, also known as Muktar Mohammed Said, who we believe was responsible for trying to set off a bomb on the number 26 bus in Hackney Road," he said.

"We are still trying to confirm the identities of the other two bombers. The public response to our appeals has been superb, and we have been given vital clues in our hunt for these men."