Police say sorry for dumped urine bottles

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Police today apologised after bottles of urine taken from a house during a search by officers were left in the street.

Officers found the bottles in a house in Waingroves Road, Waingroves, near Ripley, Derbyshire, on Sunday, 27 September.

The discovery was made during a search after a man was arrested and the bottles were moved to allow officers to search the rest of the house.

But Derbyshire Police said due to a breakdown in communication the bottles were left outside the home.

The force today apologised "unreservedly" to residents who had to put up with the sight and smell of the gruesome discovery.

A spokeswoman said as soon as police became aware the bottles had not been removed, officers employed a company to clear them from the area.

Superintendent Gary Parkin said today: "I would like to make a public apology to all the residents who have been subjected to the sight and smell of these bottles.

"They should not have been left there."