Portuguese police want McCanns to return

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Kate and Gerry McCann were said to be upset last night after being called back to Portugal by detectives who want to conduct a reconstruction of events on the night last year when their daughter Madeleine went missing.

The four-year-old's parents, family friends and other holiday-makers are required to return next month to the Ocean Club in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz where they were dining at a tapas bar on 3 May.

After reporting the disappearance at about 10pm that night, Mr and Mrs McCann initially remained in the resort but have not travelled again to Portugal since returning to Britain after being named as arguidos – official suspects – on 7 September.

British police are said to be interviewing 50 people in an attempt to piece together the evening's events.

Last month, the Express newspaper group ran front-page apologies and paid £550,000 in damages for a series of stories implicating the McCanns in their daughter's disappearance.