Pregnant woman slashed eight inches across face in random attack

The heavily pregnant 29-year-old was walking home when a man approached her from behind, slashed her face with a razor blade and ran

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A heavily pregnant woman has had her face slashed with a razor blade in an apparent random attack in Cambridge.

Hayley Baker, 29, was walking home after Christmas shopping in Cambridge on Thursday evening when a man dressed entirely in black and believed to be in his 20s ran past her and sliced her face.

The veterinary nurse was left with blood pouring from an eight inch wound running the length of her right cheek from her ear down to her neck.

Mrs Baker, who is six months pregnant with her first child was rushed to Addenbrooke's Hospital to get stitches and treatment for the serious injury.

“I was listening to a voicemail and as I finished my call I heard running footsteps behind me and just thought it was a runner coming up the hill,” she told the BBC.

“I moved to the side of the pavement so they could pass and the next thing I felt was a punch in my right temple, turned around and the person was already running in the opposite direction.

“At that point I put my hand up to my face and could feel all the blood running down. It was complete disbelief when it happened and to see the amount of blood coming out was quite scary.”

She said she became panicked that the blood loss may harm her baby, but has said the unborn child was not affected, she is however likely to be permanently scarred.

“There are two cuts from my ear to my chin. The surgeon said it must have been some sort of razor blade” she told Mason’s news service.

“I have to go back to hospital again. The plastic surgeons said it is likely there will be a permanent scar but really I only can think about my baby.

“I am used to blood being a vet and can be quite rational about it but when it happens to you it's very different. All I could think about was oh gosh my baby and that she was alright.”

Det Insp Jamie Stenton said: “This was a nasty attack which appears to have been completely random.

“I would urge anyone who has any information or knows who is responsible to call the police as soon as possible.”