Pryce guilty: The e-mails between Vicky Pryce and Sunday Times reporter Isabel Oakeshott


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These are a selection of the emails exchanged between Vicky Pryce and Isabel Oakeshott of the Sunday Times as the economist tried to bring down her ex-husband.

From Isabel Oakeshott

Tues, 1 March, 2011: 20:08:15

At the moment it sounds like you have a really good chance of joining the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) in the nearish future, and in the longer term, perhaps even the House of Lords. It is not worth jeopardising that if it can be avoided.

This is what I strongly recommend you do, since it achieves your dual objectives of bringing Chris down (if we can); without seriously damaging you own reputation in the process.

From Vicky Pryce

Tue, 1 March. 21:40:08

Also would need some reassurance that it would indeed bring CH down.

From Isabel Oakeshott

Thu, 3 March, 19:13:41

My feeling is that if we can nail the licence points story so that he can't deny it… then he'd absolutely have to go. Clegg would probably secretly be gleeful, so wouldn't rescue him; and Cameron fairly indifferent.

From Vicky Pryce

Thu 3 March, 2011, 20:50:10

I have no doubt as I definitely want to nail him. More than ever actually and would love to do it soon. Also particularly pissed off as I have had to cancel going to a founder's feast at Nuffield tmr night as despite attempts by the Warden to put him off he insists on going…. Would whoever took the points having been bullied to do so also be prosecuted?

From Vicky Pryce

Fri 4 Mar, 2011, 23:42:47

As I said before I am completely determined (and not only because of the BAD economics he used yesterday to scare people re the oil price to put pressure on Osborne to give him what he wants in the budget and beyond. really shocked by that crap.

From Vicky Pryce

Sat 5 March, 2011, 15:33:21

Basically the reason he was able to build property portfolio and fund his political ambitions has very little to do with him "making millions in the City" which he didn't and a lot to do with me (possible story? How did CH make his money and manage to build a property portfolio on mainly a journalistic and MP salary??? Facts, from public sources should be easy to come by, dodgy investments in mining companies etc, Private Eye had been looking at his financial transactions for a while, particularly some dodge fx deals when he was an MEP)

…. So basically if it hadn't been for me v hard to run the lifestyle we had, buy house outright in Eastleigh and spend what he needed to nurse the seat while building what he called "his pension" which really should have been "ours".

From Isabel Oakeshott

Tues 8 March 16:38:10

It's likely there is a minor risk of you being prosecuted but we think in practise it is highly unlikely, especially if we handle it right… The bottom line is that this story WILL bring Chris down, IF you are prepared to go on the record about what happened - with the minor risk that this carries.

From Vicky Pryce

Sat 12 March, 9:21:20

Also of course would love to have someone link CT (Carina Trimingham) with leaking Eastleigh/Liverpool/licence points info for the press

….Other possibility would be to tell NC (Clegg) or his close associates (having coffee with Miriam this pm) that papers are on to him as CT seems to have leaked it and pressure mounting as I know is true.

From Vicky Pryce

Thu 17 Mar 23:23:55

Just had dinner with Lib Dem Lord who received Xmas card jointly from C&C. I intend to use this as evidence for my divorce settlement since he is (not only shameless but..) clearly lying to get a better settlement. They are looking for the car which they think they have kept. It may make interesting story linked with other things I am uncovering on the financials and we can talk about this if you want some time.

From Vicky Pryce

Thu 17 Mar 23:40:55

Would you be able to use CT as source or would she sue???

From Isabel Oakeshott

Fri 18 May 9:11:06

I couldn't possible use CT as a source as I've never spoken to her about it; so it would be untrue; and she'd have every right to sue.

From Vicky Pryce

Sat 9 April 2011 12:28

Actually I had told Vince and Rachel about points before when the three of us were having supper about a month ago - they were horrified at the time but VC has probably forgotten it by now. He was v tired that night.

From Vicky Pryce

Mon 18 April 20:37:09

Should I hint at anything? I told Vince there is something hanging over him and he wanted to tell Clegg - I can say am being pestered by the press about something he did which CT let slip and which I know is true but have been protecting him so far but has been such a shit not sure I can do it any longer. I am inclined to chance it but not disclose what it is.

From Isabel Oakeshott

Mon 18 April 22:16:09

(Sunday Times splash yesterday named him and Tim Farron as Clegg's main threats for the leadership. I'd like to topple him before there's any danger of that….)

From Vicky Pryce

Tue 26 April 20:19:35

Yes I have told VC, MiriamC, MOak… and a few other Lib Dem Lords and others working close to NC.

From Vicky Pryce

Fri 6 May 22:04:55

Yes but need to change the words a bit to protect me from prosecution if it goes to court. It will need to use words like pressurised to take the points and so on so will need some reworking but sentiment of note ok. Constance looking at it. I see CH's outburst actually resulted in an eve worse AV outcome!!! Amazing.

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