Rioters in Northern Ireland launch further attacks on police

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Police again came under attack from rioters in Northern Ireland last night.

Petrol bombs and paint were throw at officers from a large crowd that gathered in the Brompton Park area of the Crumlin Road in north Belfast, close to where serious trouble flared on Monday night.

The latest disturbances lasted for around three hours and were only quelled at 1.30am.

Meanwhile, stones and golf balls were throw at an interface area in the east of the city last night.

The incidents happened near the Short Strand area of the lower Newtownards Road.

Elsewhere, the Police Service of Northern Ireland in Co Armagh are investigating reports a bus was attacked with a petrol bomb and bricks in Lurgan.

Last night's disturbances came 24 hours after some of the most serious rioting seen in Northern Ireland for years.

A gunman fired at police in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast in trouble that left 21 officers injured under a barrage of stones, fireworks, blast bombs and other missiles.

The rioting flared after nationalists gathered at the traditional flashpoint to oppose a passing Orange Order march during the annual Twelfth of July commemorations (held a day late this year).

Officers responded with non-lethal rounds and water cannon.

Sinn Fein blamed the Real IRA but the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, which is linked to the dissident group, refuted the claim.