Rochdale takeaway temporarily shut as part of child sexual exploitation investigation


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A takeaway in Rochdale has been temporarily shut down as part of a new investigation into alleged child sexual exploitation.

Tariq’s Pizza Plus, in Milnrow, has been hit by a three-month closure order after an application by police and licensing officers.

A man who previously worked at Tariq’s has also been banned from associating with named people said to be at risk of exploitation.

The man has received a number of “abduction notices” as an interim measure while police gather evidence in their investigation.

A Child Abduction Warning Notice is a measure that prevents a suspect from having permission to associate with, contact, or communicate with a child.

The latest probe into alleged sexual exploitation comes after Rochdale council received a number of alerts.

Supt Chris Hankinson, based at Rochdale, told the Manchester Evening News: "In recent weeks, we have been informed about a pattern of anti-social behaviour relating to an individual who worked at these premises. An investigation is ongoing, but we felt it was important to take proactive measures to safeguard any children who may come into contact with this individual.

"As a result, we issued him with a number of abduction notices which prohibit a person from associating with named individuals when they are at risk of sexual exploitation.This individual no longer works at, or associates with, the premises.

"Working in partnership with Rochdale council, we have now secured a temporary closure of the premises to ensure that any risk to vulnerable youngsters is kept to a minimum while the criminal investigation continues."