Sandwich snatcher is cheesed off after lunch prank ends in court

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When Alan Hunt helped himself to a cheese sandwich he spotted lying on a desk he had little idea of the drama that would ensue. But he had taken the sandwich from a police officer while attending an identity parade, so perhaps he might have realised that he would not escape lightly.

Hunt, an out-of-work actor, pleaded guilty at Bournemouth magistrates' court on Tuesday to stealing a cheese sandwich from a police officer. He was conditionally discharged for six months and ordered to pay £25 towards the £118 cost of the prosecution.

The court was told that Hunt, 36, had gone to Bournemouth police station earlier this month after volunteering to take part in an identity parade.

When he saw a lunch box on a desk, he helped himself to a cheese sandwich before sharing the remaining nectarine, apple and small cake with the other volunteers.

Detective Constable Chris Biggs was not impressed to learn that his lunch had been eaten and offers to buy a replacement baguette failed to appease him, according to the prosecution.

Hunt was arrested and taken to a prison cell where he waited to be questioned for seven and a half hours. He was then charged with theft.

Hunt, from Bournemouth, told the magistrates that his actions had been motivated by hunger and pleaded guilty to the theft.

After the hearing, Hunt told The Times: "That was an expensive cheese sandwich. Theft was the last thing on my mind. It wasn't even a good sandwich. I only ate one round and it was bloody terrible."