Schoolgirl, 12, killed herself after struggling to cope with mother's death

The court heard that the school girl was left devastated after her mother died of breast cancer in 2010

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A 12-year-old girl killed herself after struggling to cope with her mother’s death from breast cancer, an inquest has heard.

Isabel Ann Richardson was found in a critical condition by her father Stephen at their family home in Norwich on 12 May. She was taken to hospital, where she died six days later.

The coroner said that the school girl had been struggling to cope after losing her mother in 2010, Eastern Daily Press reports.

Shortly before the schoolgirl’s death, Isabel had posted images of self-harm on social media. A concerned parent of another child had contacted Hewett School where she was a pupil. Isabel subsequently attended meetings with teachers and her father to discuss her emotional welfare.

Isabel was referred to a bereavement charity and was due to meet a counsellor the day after she was found.

The coroner said that her father had called up to her bedroom to ask her what she wanted for dinner. He received no reply and thought that she had not heard him because she was listening to music with headphones in.

He then received a phone call from her brother to say that Isabel had posted concerning material on social media. Her father found her in a critical condition in her bedroom.

Teachers described her as a “happy, funny girl” who had become troubled after her mother’s death and missed her deeply.

Coroner Jacqueline Lake recorded a short-form narrative conclusion, rather than suicide. She said: “Although she killed herself, this could have been a cry for help.”

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