Scott Rogers murder: TV host was accused of sex abuse


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Overwhelming evidence suggested that a British dance teacher turned US television presenter who was shot and killed at his home was a paedophile, US law authorities said.

Former child victims of Scott Rogers from his time as a teacher of a cult-like dance school in Suffolk have come forward to detail their abuse at his hands and further claims of had been made in the US.

Mr Rogers stood trial accused of sex offences against a 13-year-old in Britain but was acquitted after a jury failed to reach a verdict after a trial. Mr Rogers is believed to have been shot by his lover, Mathew Hodgkins, before he turned the gun on himself in a failed suicide attempt.

The presenter was shot on the day that he was due to appear before a US jury accused of falsifying documents for his applications to foster children. He is accused of failing to mention that he had been charged with child sex offences. Suffolk police said that details of the case had been passed to their US counterparts.

A senior Louisiana prosecutor cast doubt on the possibility that the injured man would stand trial for murder if he survived his wounds because of the abuse that he suffered himself at the hands of Mr Rogers.