Scottish pensioner's holiday with autistic grandson ruined after thieves steal years' worth of savings

Theives stole £475 from the 70-year old carer who planned to use the money for a Bulgarian break

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A Scottish pensioner’s trip of a lifetime has been ruined after thieves stole hundreds of pounds that she had saved to have a holiday with her autistic grandson.

The 70-year-old carer from Coldside, Dundee had spent "years and years" saving nearly £500 for the holiday to Bulgaria which she hoped to take with her 11-year-old grandson whom she looks after “almost every day”.

Thieves stole the savings while the woman and her grandson were at a KFC in Dundee city centre. The two had stopped at the fast food restaurant after she had attempted to take £475 to a Credit Union, but found it closed.

Her niece, Paula Clare, told the Dundee Courier that her aunt is “absolutely devastated”.  “The holiday is ruined,” she said. “They both really deserve a holiday. She spends every day looking after him and now they’ve taken that money their chance of a break together is ruined. She wants it back so badly. It is a really horrible thing.”

After the ordeal Ms Clare's aunt has been “left terrified” and has even suffered from panic attacks. “She had been saving for years and years and now they have taken it,” said Ms Clare. “She is just so shocked.”

Police are currently investigating the cruel theft, which took place at around 6pm in the High Street’s KFC.

Ms Clare’s aunt is the second pensioner to have had her purse stolen in Dundee City Centre this week after a 68-year-old woman had her purse snatched in Dundee city centre on Wednesday.

After the incident Police Scotland are advising the public to remain aware of their personal belongings while shopping and to take every precaution while carrying hand bags and shopping bags.

A spokeswoman from Police Scotland said: “Ensure your property is secured and hidden away. Only carry the necessary money you require and try not to advertise your property or purse to the thief.”